Flame & Fire Brazilian Steakhouse

Flame & Fire Brazilian Steakhouse

963 Pleasant Grove Blvd #100, Roseville, CA 95678

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Located in a strip-mall in Roseville, CA, Flame & Fire Brazilian Steakhouse serves up a variety of meats and sides in traditional Brazilian fashion. Upon entering a bit early with our OpenTable reservation, we were quickly escorted by the hostess to an available table. The restaurant was around half full, with a chunk of the restaurant occupied by a large party. Everyone of the restaurant wore business casual attire, which can be a challenge when your personal goal is to eat as much delicious food as possible, so you would need to come in with your belt loosened by one notch. Our server came by and took our drink orders for iced tea and a Brazilian can of Guarana (delicious beverage) before explaining how the table service worked. Like Fogo de Chao elsewhere, meat servers continue to serve you meat at the table as long as you have the serving card turned to the green side. The servers will skip you if you have the card on the red side. Also, there is an area that offers a variety of prepared foods and salads that you can visit as much as you like. After the server left to get our drinks, we decided to review the prepared food area.

On this trip to the prepared food area, we picked up basics like rice, fish, pasta salad, potatoes, and smoked salmon. You need to be careful and not pick up too many carbs too early, but it is nice to have some on hand to balance off the meat. The smoked salmon was surprisingly refreshing to eat in between meats. Soon, the server also brought over some traditional sides like bananas, polenta, and Brazilian cheese bread. All of the sides were delicious, but filling. Servers from the back begun to come by bringing over tall sections of meat sliced for you to grab. Unfortunately, much of the beef arrived more on the well done side, which was very disappointing. Some highlights of the meat were the tender lamb chops, bottom sirloin, and juicy bacon-wrapped filet mignon. The garlic steak was OK, but the top sirloin and spicy chicken were very dry. The dry meat was quite off-putting, and caused us to get full faster and not look forward to some of the meats.

Overall, the service and the prepared food areas were solid, but many of the meats arrived overdone. For the price you pay, you would expect better quality preparation. In comparison to the few times we have been to Fogo de Chao, those prior visits to Fogo blows Flame & Fire out of the water in all aspects of food quality. At $50 per person, this is not a meal you can enjoy all of the time. Luckily, Costco sells a gift card promotion by getting $100 in gift cards for $75 or $80. If possible, I would suggest saving your money for elsewhere, unless you scored a great deal on the gift cards. Unfortunately, Sacramento does not have many choices for Brazilian Steakhouses, but a different one did open in Natomas, so that could be worth a visit without having to drive up to Roseville.

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