Ming Dynasty

1211 Broadway

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Located at the former site of Fortune House Restaurant on Broadway across from Target, Ming Dynasty brings a new contender to Sacramento’s dim sum scene. The last time I tried Fortune House, I left disappointed due to poor service and adequate quality food. On this new visit to Ming Dynasty, it was quite hard to locate a parking spot, but we snagged one behind the restaurant. Upon entry, the hostess provided a 10-15 minute wait since the restaurant was packed. Within 5 minutes, we were called to a table where a host took our tea order. We were able to order our favorite Pu Erh Chrysanthemum tea, which arrived in a glass teapot with infuser. The tea infused very quickly and tasted delicious. We were seated near the entrance to the kitchen (my favorite), so we had plenty of opportunities at first dibs at all of the fresh food.

We ordered many favorites including har gow, siu mai, lotus leaf sticky rice, beef rice noodle roll, deep-fried shrimp ball, Shanghai soup dumpling, deep-fried pork dumpling, and egg tart. We did get to try one new dish called the crispy shrimp rice noodle roll, which I highly recommend. It is basically the shrimp rice noodle roll, but with a fried noodly shrimp inside! Unfortunately, the deep-fried shrimp ball was disappointing because it didn’t contain much shrimp and tasted floury. The rest of the dishes were delicious!

I would definitely suggest coming to eat dim sum here instead of any other restaurant in Sacramento! Amazingly, we had the best service out of any dim sum restaurant here, which is very rare. We were checked on multiple times and had our tea refilled without asking many times. If you like dim sum or want to try dim sum, you must give Ming Dynasty a try! On a side note, there was a sign saying you can order dim sum all day!

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