Kabob & Grill

1850 Del Paso Rd Ste #4
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Located right off of Del Paso Road and Gateway Park Boulevard, Kabob & Grill  serves up a variety of Afghan, Indian, Pakistani, and Chinese Cuisine. At first thought, a restaurant that serves up such a variety of cuisines is worrisome, but we decided to give them a try anyways.
Today, we decided to order the Afghan Mixed Grill and Afghan Bolani. After calling in the order, we were told there would be a 20 minute wait. When I picked up the order, I found out that the white yogurt sauce does not normally come with the meal, so i asked for some. The sauce containers were very large. The meal also came with a large green sauce container, which had a lot of refreshing cilantro flavor. The Afghan Mixed Grill came with plenty of rice, chicken, spiced beef, salad, and naan. The chicken was not dry and went well with the sauces. The beef had a lot of spices in it already, but was quite a flavor overload. The naan was the highlight of the dish because it was fresh and flavorful. Like the beef, the bolani was overly spiced to the point where you don’t really taste the potatoes. Instead of the full-sized order, I should have just ordered the half size. The bolani at Chopan Kabob in Elk Grove tastes a whole lot better than the one here.
Overall, Kabob & Grill serves up some very authentic dishes, but the ones we tried today were not very impressive. There is better tasting Afghan food in Elk Grove at Chopan Kabob. If you happen to be in Natomas, I would suggest coming here for the naan, but the bolani was quite disappointing.

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