Koshi Ramen Bar

3581 Truxel Rd Suite #2
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located at the popular Natomas shopping center with Regal, Koshi Ramen Bar serves up a variety of Japanese Ramen to the masses. At this location, you order at the counter and then find a table where the food will be brought out to you. There is a variety of different types of ramen available with a multitude of different toppings for an additional cost. Upon reviewing the menu, we knew what we wanted to order.

Today, we ordered the Tonkotsu ramen medium spicy and the miso ramen spicy. We also requested for additional noodles and meat on the side. After paying and finding a seat, the food arrived after a brief wait. The tonkotsu ramen broth was nice and rich. You can definitely taste the pork flavors. The medium level of spice was perfect. The noodles were more al dente, but I normally prefer softer noodles for ramen. The meat had a very porky flavor, so even with only two pieces of meat, they went perfectly with the ramen noodles. The spicy miso broth was also nice and spicy. The flavor of the miso was still evident through the spice. The tonkotsu broth still tasted better. The extra noodles and pork did not cost much more, so that definitely added to the value of the meal.

Overall, Koshi did a great job in making their ramen broth taste good. With the exception of the noodles and the oddly overly porky pork, their ramen is the best in Natomas! Service was amazing from the time we ordered to the time we received the food. The prices are reasonable, but not cheap. If you are feeling ramen and happen to be in Natomas, Koshi will not disappoint.

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