2-D Wok – Reno, NV

2303 S Virginia St

Reno, NV 89502

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located in a strip mall down Virginia in Reno, 2-D Wok serves up a variety of Taiwanese cuisines in a modern setting. Upon entering and waiting at the door, we were greeted by the one server they had in the restaurant and were subsequently seated neat the window. The server provided us with menus and got our drink order. While reviewing the menu, I noticed the table in front of us used a restaurant.com certificate, and that caused me to pull out my phone and found a $10 certificate for $4 with a minimum $20 purchase. Of course, I jumped on this opportunity to save $6. When we arrived, over 50% of the restaurant was occupied, but we were the only ones left by the end of the meal.

Today, we decided to order the potstickers, oil spice and everything nice chicken, and the Taiwanese bento with grilled fish. The order of potstickers came with a garlic chili oil sauce for dipping. Even after dipping all six pieces into the sauce, we found that the sauce was not spicy at all. The potstickers seemed to have been steamed or boiled, and then pan seared for a short period of time. By looking at the wrapping and filling, the potstickers do seem handmade by the restaurant and consisted of pork and cabbage. There was not a lot of filling in each pot sticker. The oil spice and everything nice chicken came battered and fried, but was not crispy at all. Each bite of chicken was quite soggy with the supposed spicy tangy sauce. The sauce tasted like lemon vinegar, but did not taste spicy.  The chicken did have more flavor when eaten with cabbage and cilantro, but the chicken itself did not even taste fresh. After eating a few pieces, you really realize that the chicken was also quite salty. The Taiwanese bento box came with many items such as the garlic fried fish, sweet potato fries, stir fried vegetables, tofu, half an egg, and soup. The soup was quite light and resembled minestrone, but included tofu, tomato, onion, and baby corn. The soup was simple, light, and tasted good. The fish was mostly seasoned with black pepper, and you can’t really taste any garlic at all. With that said, the fish was grilled properly and tasted great. The half of an egg was chewy at parts and was flavored with soy sauce. The stir fried vegetables included cabbage, carrots, and broccoli. The vegetables went well with the fish by making the meal taste healthier. I did not care for the tofu much since it was quite firm and lacked flavor. The sweet potato fries were quite large and went well with the sweet dipping seasoning. The fries tasted fresh as well.

Overall, 2-D Wok serves up decent food, but was quite disappointing. Parts of the meal were good, which included the fish and the potstickers. The chicken was extremely disappointing. Compared to some other Taiwanese food restaurants I’ve been to, 2-D Wok does not seem to be very authentic. There may be dishes on the menu that resemble traditional dishes like the Beef Noodle Soup and Beef Wrap, but the descriptions seem less authentic. Also, they don’t even offer the sale of the green onion pancake. Unfortunately. 2-D Wok charges a premium for their food, which may explain why they needed to use restaurant.com to lure in more customers. If you want to eat Taiwanese food in Reno and are in the area, you can give this place a shot, but make sure you have the restaurant.com certificate ready since you definitely do not get what you pay for.

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