Amorino – New York, NY

721 8th Ave

New York, NY 10036

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located near the Theater District of Manhattan, Amorino serves up delicious gelato in decadent form on a cone. With numerous flavors to choose from, you can make your gelato cone as delicious and as pretty as you would like because you can choose as many flavors as you want for your cone. On one visit, we decided to order a large macaron cone with hazelnut, caramel, tiramisu, vanilla, and chocolate along with a caramel gelato macaron. The gelato flower came out looking amazing with the macaron on top. Each bite of the gelato was creamy and delicious. My favorite flavor out of the entire cone was the hazelnut. The macaron was crafted well and the caramel was very evident. On our second visit, we decided to go the sorbet route and order a large cone with strawberry and banana sorbet. The banana tasted delicious and flavorful, but the strawberry tasted pretty standard. I would suggest staying with the gelato instead of sorbet for richer flavors.

Overall, Amorino serves up delicious gelato in a well crafted form of a rose at decent prices. I would strongly recommend those looking for a pretty and tasty dessert to visit for a decadent cone.

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