Asian Pearl

6821 Stockton Blvd #165

Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Authentic Chinese abounds in South Sacramento. Asian Pearl is no exception. The restaurant is huge and can accommodate large banquets. The service was OK, but not exceptional because they were not filling my teapot when it was empty (yes my lid was up). The menu is diverse but lacks many of the Americanized staples.

Today, the food that was ordered included: the soup of the day, appetizer platter, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Queen’s Chicken, Honey Garlic Spareribs, Beef with Mushrooms, Tofu and Fish Filet hot-pot, Greens, Fried Catfish Hot Pot, Short Ribs Hot Pot, and Seafood Fried Rice Stick Noodle. The soup was flavorful and cleansing. The Honey Walnut Shrimp was delicious and had the right amount of sauce coating. The Queen’s Chicken was OK, but was bony. The Honey Garlic Spareribs were flavorful, but a bit salty. The Tofu and Fish Filet Hot Pot was delicious because the fish was cooked to perfection. I did not like the composition and cut of the catfish pot because the fish tasted very fishy and was cut in a weird way. The Short Ribs were OK, but there were quite a few fatty pieces. The Seafood Fried Rice Stick Noodle was OK, but I was not a fan of the flavor.

Overall, Asian Pearl serves up many authentic Chinese dishes. Prices are about right, and service was expected. If you really want authentic food or need to eat in a large banquet hall, then Asian Pearl will fit the bill.

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