Buckhorn Grill – Roseville

1151 Galleria Blvd

Roseville, CA 95678

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located inside the bustling Galleria food court, Buckhorn Grill makes it easy to try out their ever-popular tri tip. Service was very professional and nice during the ordering process. After ordering, you are provided with a buzzer and a reminder that there are free refills on the soda. By the time I got to my table after ordering, the buzzer was already going off.

Today, I decided to order the big buck combo with Mac n Cheese. I was asked for how I wanted my meat cooked, so I requested medium. Once I received my sandwich, the meat looked more medium-well to well done. I requested my sandwich without onions, but I would have liked some cheese in the sandwich. The tri tip had a very heavy smokey flavor, to the point where a lot of the meat flavor was masked. The bun was very fresh and fluffy. The sandwich was quite heavy with its bold flavors, but it lacked any flavor other than “burnt.” I may of had a bad batch, but I did not find the sandwich to be worth it. The Mac n Cheese was extremely cheesy to the point of Velveeta. I didn’t really find the Mac n Cheese to be that special either since all I tasted was cheese.

Overall, Buckhorn Grill tries to sell some nice food in a food court setting. Unfortunately, I was not very pleased with the sandwich I ordered. Prior to ordering, I had fairly high expectations for the tri tip here, but now I need to look elsewhere. If you want something nice while shopping, then Buckhorn may be OK for you, but don’t expect mouth-watering amazing.

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