Capitol Garage

1500 K St

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located at a busy corner of Sacramento near the convention center, Capitol Garage serves up various traditional American dishes along with some more fusion style dishes. Plenty of street parking is available in the vicinity, but much of it is taken. There is a garage adjacent to the restaurant, but no parking validation is available. We had made a reservation on OpenTable before arrival, but there was plenty of seating available with almost every table empty. Our server quickly seated us with a view of the TVs and provided us with the menus.

Today, we decided to try the coconut curry wings, the burger with garlic fries upgrade, and the cowboy burger. The coconut curry wings came out as 4 pieces of whole wings covered in a peanut sauce. The wings were fresh and the sauce had mild peanut and curry hints. The wings were a bit hard to eat since they were whole wings, but once broken apart, they were easy to eat. Other than the light sauce, the wings were a bit bland and parts of the wings did not seem cooked though. The burger was quite simple, and you can really taste the fresh high-quality beef, but I could not taste the aioli or much of anything else. The burger was ordered medium, but seemed closer to medium-rare. The ingredients tasted fresh, but the burger deserved more flavor. The garlic fries were definitely hand-cut, but we did not taste or see much garlic at all. The fries seemed to be twice or thrice fried since they were extremely crunchy, which was not appetizing. The cowboy burger had more flavor with its caramelized onions and BBQ sauce, and the bacon was extremely crispy. The cowboy burger was a whole lot more flavorful than the regular burger, but did not seem healthy at all. The accompanying fries were just as crunchy and overcooked.

Overall, capitol garage seems like they have some decent burger options, but the overly crunchy fries and mediocre burgers are not worth it. If given a choice, I would probably go to Burgers & Brew instead for more flavorful burgers and tastier fries. Service was OK since the server also helps out behind the bar, but she did provide efficient drink refills. Prices and lack of available free parking make a drive out to the grid for a meal less desirable. Other than the fact that I saved some money by purchasing a discounted gift card at Costco, I would have probably never ended up eating at this location. If you love eating on the grid and like crunchy fries, then this place is for you, but I do not see myself coming back any time soon.

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