Carl’s Jr – Big Carl

5501 Freeport Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95822

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Out of all the fast food companies out there, I found that Carl’s Jr creates a product that is tasty, satisfying, and fulfilling. The Big Carl was a recent invention for Carl’s Jr, made in reference to another “big” burger from McDonald’s. The Big Carl has its own tasty rendition of the “secret” sauce of the Big Mac, but the Big Carl weighs in much larger than the Big Mac. Also consisting of lettuce and 2 patties with cheese, the Big Carl doesn’t use the 3rd bun, but includes large charbroiled beef patties that stand tall to the Big Mac’s puny thin beef patties. Not only is the Big Carl a better value, the sheer size of the burger provides a much needed savory meal that no Big Mac can compare.

I ordered the standard Big Carl Combo, small size, where I also added a $1 off combo coupon that I find in the mail every month. The fries that came with the meal were delicious. The fries are of the “with skin” variety that many fast food joints are now using. I suggest anyone who had not tried the Big Carl, do so. If you can find the sheet of Carl’s Jr coupons in the mail, use them. (Although I think the February coupons came last week) As someone who does not like onions, pickles, or tomatoes in my burgers, the Big Carl required no customization for me. If you are someone who likes those items, I suggest you add them in, but you will not be disappointed with this burger!

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