Chick’n Rice – San Jose CA

1078 E Brokaw Rd #40

San Jose, CA 95131

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located at the busy intersection of East Brokaw Road and Oakland Road in San Jose, Chick’n Rice serves up varieties of chicken rice plates to the masses. This Thai street food joint offers many popular dishes, and I was able to try one of them today. I selected the fried khao mun gai (fried KMG), which was a fried chicken with sweet Thai chili sauce over chicken rice served with sliced cucumbers and Chinese broccoli. The chicken itself was quite juicy and tender, but the crispy breading was quite thick and crunchy. The chicken went well dipped in the sauce. The Chinese broccoli was tender and tasty, which went well with the refreshing cucumber. The rice was very flavorful and fragrant. The meal was also served with a side of chicken broth soup, which was very rich and refreshing. Overall, the meal was quite fulfilling and tasty, other than the fact the breading not as appetizing.  Prices are reasonable and service was excellent. If you are in the mood for a tasty Chicken rice plate, then Chick’n Rice is the place to be.

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