Cool Tea Bar

5555 Sky Pkwy

Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

In search of in Tea shop in South Sac, we ended up at Cool Tea Bar near SF Supermarket. With high expectations coming off of a great experience at T4U in Natomas, we charged into the highly pink-colored facility. A couple of staff worked behind the counter, but the whole place was not as modern and energetic like T4U. We decided to order Mango Green Tea and LitChi Green Tea with Litchi jelly. The mango green tea had strong mango hints along with the green tea, but was extremely sweet. The server did ask how sweet we wanted our drinks, but we opted for normal sweetness since we did not expect anything out of the norm. Also, after drinking the mango green tea, you can taste a lingering aftertaste that could be coming from the mango or tea. The litchi green tea had strong litchi notes, but even stronger green tea notes. This drink did not taste overly sweet due to the strong flavors from the tea. Like the mango green tea, the litchi green tea also experienced an aftertaste that is not very appealing.

Overall, Cool Tea Bar serves up decent tea drinks, but the quality and price falls short compared to T4U. If you are in South Sac, you may settle for Cool Tea Bar, but you would have a much more enjoyable experience at T4U if you do not mind driving up to Natomas.

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