Curry Club

1401 O St

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

In search for a good Indian buffet for lunch, we ended up at Curry Club in Downtown Sacramento. The restaurant was not very busy when our group entered, but soon the restaurant became so packed that the employees needed to turn people away. The staff was very receptive in getting our group seated together, and we were able to enjoy their $10 lunch buffet. The restaurant is not very big, and the buffet station was in the center near the cash register and kitchen.

As you enter the short buffet line, the first things that are available include rice pudding and rice. I opted out of the pudding so that I could eat more rice and meat. There was plenty of rice available and was cooked properly. The remaining buffet station housed the various Indian delicacies including  three vegetable curry options and five meat dishes. There was plenty of meat available on the first go around. The most notable dishes I had included the Tandoori chicken, chicken curry, and the chicken Tiki Masala. All of the dishes were loaded with Indian spices. The Tandoori chicken pieces were a bit small, but had the classic red outside. There was an instant Indian spice flavor from the chicken, but it was not overwhelming. The chicken curry had a good kick and add a lot of flavor to the rice. The chicken Tiki Masala was my favorite because it had a mild, yet creamy flavor that cleansed the palate. I also tried the Beef Vindaloo, but I felt that the spices were a bit too strong. By the time I returned to the table, the server provided both regular naan and garlic naan to our tables. The naan tasted very fresh and went well with all of the sauces from the dishes. The garlic naan was more mild than I expected, but the garlic flavor definitely added to the overall flavor when dipped into the sauces.

Overall, the Curry Club was very accommodating to our group and served up an ample amount of food considering the small buffet station. Most of the dishes tasted very good and went well with the delicious garlic naan. I applaud the staff for the water and naan refills. I would of liked to have a larger selection of food items suck as the sweet dessert balls and lamb. For $10, I should not ask for so much, but I have had a larger selection at other Indian buffets. If you are downtown and want an Indian lunch buffet, Curry Club will do the trick if there is a table available.

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