Dickey’s BBQ Pit

1901 J Street
Ste D
Sacramento, CA 95816

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Dickey’s has multiple locations in the Sacramento area. This time, we decided to try out the Downtown/Midtown location. As you walk in, you can see the menu posted over the ordering area. Dickey’s already has the meat ready and just needed to be cut from the larger piece. The daily specials are posted on a board to the left and includes a drink in a yellow cup.

Today, we decided to try out the rib plate and the Westerner sandwich with pulled pork and polish sausage. The rib plate came with around 5 ribs and two sides. The ribs came off the bone pretty easily, but the meat was fairly dry. We ended up dipping a lot of the meat into the available BBQ sauces. The original BBQ sauce tasted OK, but had too much bite. The spicy BBQ sauce had better flavor and was definitely spicy. My favorite BBQ sauce was the sweet BBQ sauce. The ribs tasted better with the BBQ sauces, but the dry meat was disappointing. The Westerner sandwich also came with two sides along with a drink because it was from the daily specials menu. The sandwich actually tasted pretty good. The meat was tender and had some smoky taste. The sandwich tasted even better when dipped into the BBQ sauces. For sides, we both ordered the Mac N Cheese and the waffle fries. The mac n cheese was quite cheesy and the pieces of macaroni were larger than usual, but tasted pretty good with the rest of the meal. The waffle fries were good, but did not have much flavor on their own. I definitely smothered the fries with ketchup.

Overall, the menu choices are diverse and the food tasted good, but the ribs really disappointed us. Service was friendly at the counters, and staff even checked upon us while eating. If I wanted great tasting BBQ, I probable would not go to Dickey’s. If you wanted a hearty meal, then ordering from Dickey’s daily specials menu would be a good deal. At this point, I might come back depending on how hungry I am.

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