Donburi Cafe – Long Beach, CA

245 Pine Ave #120

Long Beach, CA 90802

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

In search of a tasty rice dish in Long Beach, I stumbled into Donburi Cafe for some teriyaki. As you enter the small restaurant, you place your order in the front counter and then locate a table. The tables are placed pretty close together, so it can be tough to get to an empty spot.

Today, I decided to order the Chicken Teriyaki Don. The meal came with a bowl of piping hot miso soup, watermelon slice, cherry, and the chicken teriyaki over rice with vegetables. The soup was very hot but did not have much flavor unless you stirred the bowl all the time. The fruit was fresh and delicious. The vegetables were also fresh and went well with teriyaki sauce. The chicken was cooked fresh and tender. The meat stayed juicy. The provided teriyaki sauce had strong flavors, but was overly salty. The rice was cooked properly and the teriyaki sauce added a delicious savory flavor to the rice.

Overall, Donburi Cafe serves up delicious teriyaki at reasonable prices. Service was excellent and the restaurant was clean. I wish that I did receive more rice and meat, but the additional soup and fruit rounded up the meal just fine. If I wanted rice for lunch within walking distance of work, then I would definitely give Donburi Cafe a try again.


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