Drewski’s Hot Rod

Location: Varies

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

After scoring a deal on Sacramento Perks, we finally tracked down the location of Drewski’s. Today, the truck was parked outside Red Lion Hotel in Arden. The Sac Perks deal consisted of two sandwiches and two drinks for $9.50. I am not sure how often these deals pop up, but if they do, you should definitely hop on the deal. The best way to locate Drewski’s is through Facebook or Twitter.

Today we ordered a Hemi with no onions, a Mustang, and the famous Tots. The Hemi was very interesting because one of the ingredients was mac and cheese. The seasoned pulled pork was very flavorful. The bread was a bit greasy, but was about what I expected. Overall, the Hemi is a keeper. The Mustang definitely has an Asian inspired taste. I found the meat to be a bit salty and over-seasoned, but the overall taste went together well. I did not see much of the other ingredients in the sandwich though. The tots were very flavorful, blasting with flavors of rosemary and garlic. The flavor was almost too much to bear.

Overall, Drewski’s comes through with the promise of extraordinary sandwiches. I did find the price of sandwiches to be a bit steep for the quantity of food received, but the levels of flavor present really coincides with the price. If you can track down the truck, give it a shot.

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