French Market & Mint Julep Bar – Anaheim, CA

Disneyland – New Orleans Square

1313 S. Harbor Blvd.

Anaheim, CA 92802

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Located inside Disneyland, the French Market serves up various New Orleans-inspired dishes. In the eating area, the Ming Julep Bar serves up a refreshing Mint Julep drink and the famous Mickey-shaped beignets. The line going into the restaurant went extremely slow even though it was a couple of hours past lunchtime already. After you finally get inside, you will be able to pick up a tray and start going around their ordering area to have them prepare your meal. You will probably order with the first person you reach and pick up your food as you traverse the line. After you exit the restaurant after paying, the Mint Julep Bar is located to the left with a different line.

Today, we decided to try the Jambalaya and a bowl of fruit. The Jambalaya had a fairly strong Cajun kick to it, but was extremely watery. The sausages were quite overly salty as well. The rice helped balance the dish, but there were excessive amounts of green onion and onion and very little chicken and sausage. The portion size was fairly small too. The cornbread was very soft and sweet, which tasted delicious. The fresh fruit was indeed fresh and all of the fruit tasted sweet and healthy. At the Mint Julep Bar, we ordered the New Orleans Mint Julep and 3 pieces of the Mickey Beignets. The mint julep tasted very refreshing with hints of lime and sweetness. You can taste the lime with each sip, but soon, the drink did not have much flavor and resembled more like minty water. The beignets come coated in powdered sugar in a white bag, so you will need to shake the bag to attempt to get an even coating. The beignets were pretty flat and not fluffy at all. Each bite tasted overly oily and required ample amounts of powdered sugar. The bread itself was mildly sweet.

Overall, this visit to the French Market and Mint Julep Bar was fairly disappointing. Other than the cornbread and fresh fruit, there really was not much to praise at this establishment. You may have better luck with the other menu items at the French Market, but I do not recommend the Jambalaya. The Mickey beignets are supposed to be good, so you may still want to give that a shot. With high prices (even with AP discount) for most items and mediocre food, I really can’t see myself coming back to the French Market.

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