Giant Orange

1407 Howe Ave

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

If you were looking for a burger joint, you would not normally think of Giant Orange as a go-to place based on the name alone, but Giant Orange does just that. Tucked away on Howe Avenue, Giant Orange serves up burgers in a diner environment with a great menu selection. As we entered the restaurant, a server quickly seated us at a booth and provided menus. There were plenty of interesting choices on the menu, but we were able to quickly pick what we wanted when the server came by.

Today, we decided to order the Big Mock with regular fries and the Go Chuck Yourself! with garlic fries. The Big Mock tasted good and contained a sauce that was very similar to the McDonalds counterpart, but you don’t get a middle bun. Other than the sauce, the burger tasted pretty standard yet tasty. The Go Chuck Yourself! was massive and stacked with three beef patties and cheese slices.  I had ordered the burger medium, but the patties came closer to well done. With that said, the beef was still juicy and the cheese was melting all over. I had trouble eating the burger due to its sheer size, but I managed to finish it just fine. All of the fries seemed like they were cut and cooked fresh. The regular fries tasted delicious with ketchup, and the garlic fries tasted just as good with ranch.

Overall, Giant Orange serves up some tasty burgers and fries at reasonable prices. The burger patties are huge and juicy, which go well with the fluffy buns. Service has been great until it was time to pay due to a large party that arrived. If you are in the mood for a burger and don’t want fast food, you should definitely give Giant Orange a try if you are in the Arden area.

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