Grand Lux Cafe – Las Vegas

Inside the Venetian

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

A fancy cafe inside a fancy casino. Located in the back of the casino, Grand Lux Cafe is usually packed with people in search for good food. Today we ordered the Miso Glazed Salmon and the Parmesan Chicken Pasta.

The Miso Glazed Salmon was delicious. The salmon is set atop a bed of rice and surrounded with various vegetables. At some parts of the salmon, an accumulation of glaze brings up too much concentrated flavor at times. The rice is cooked correctly. The Parmesan Chicken Pasta was good, but it was in need of more sauce. Halfway through the dish, the lack of sauce really detracts from the perfectly cooked chicken.

Overall, the food at Grand Lux Cafe is worth trying out. Prices are a bit high, which makes sense since it is located in a nice casino. Service was a bit lacking this time. Also, I noticed that other tables received free bread, but none were delivered by our server. Then again, I came for the food, not for the bread.


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  1. check out your content. it’s sending node information

  2. I love eating at Grand Lux Cafe too. Cheesecake Factory owns it.

  3. Anthony I don’t know what that means. Josephine this was my second time there, delicious.

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  5. I made it auto post to my Facebook.

  6. Actually, the auto post thing just copies what is actually in my post. In my post, I actually type “[gallery link="file" columns="6"] and [xrr rating=4/5]” so my post to facebook plugin automatically captures those commands as well. Since its recognized only by wordpress, it will only send text to facebook.

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