Half & Half Tea House – Monterey Park, CA

141 N Atlantic Blvd #112

Monterey Park, CA 91754

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located in busy Monterey Park, a line stretches out the back door of Half & Half Tea House filled with boba addicts. A large menu board displaying their most popular flavors is posted near the register. Small take-out drink menus are located near the rear of the facility near the back door. Today, we decided to order the Honey Milk Green Tea and the Lychee Flavored Green Tea, both without boba. The honey milk green tea tasted fresh and refreshing, but tasted watered down. I could not really taste any sweet honey flavor at all. The lychee green tea had a very strong tea flavor, but barely any lychee flavor. The tea tasted refreshing, but the strong tea was overbearing. Overall, Half & Half serves up very popular boba drinks, but we received two very mediocre drinks. Next time, we should probably try the boba in at least one of our drinks. With so many visitors and many other more popular drink choices, we probably would give Half & Half another shot.

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