Hot Italian

1627 16th St

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

On this visit to Hot Italian, we were seated in the large round table past the huge commercial fan. A projector hangs from the ceiling displaying the soccer game. a paper menu is provided by the staff that shows various drinks, salads, and pizza options. Servers were quick to answer questions and explain the menu. Water was provided in large chilled bottles to pour into individual cups. Many of the pizzas offered can be crafted as a panini, calzone, or salad. In addition to the pizzas on the menu, Hot Italian offers a special limited edition pizza that changes over time. Pizzas tend to be large enough to share for 2 people

Today, we ordered the #32 JOVANOTTI with prosciutto cotto, pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and robiola cheese. The crust comes fairly thin with great texture and was cooked all the way through. There was an adequate amount of toppings on the pizza, and all of the ingredients tasted fresh. There was not a lot of sauce on the pizza, but there was just enough to bring in a bit of heat and body to the pizza. The pepperoni was fairly large and the prosciutto came in large slices, but both kind of just melded into the overall pizza and did not taste very special. The provided dipping oils added flavor to the crust. I particularly like their spicy oil that has infused pepper flavors.

Overall, Hot Italian serves up legitimate Italian pizza. However, I do not see myself regularly spending $18 for a think small pizza that only tastes OK to me. The quality and service is definitely here at Hot Italian, but I cannot construe a good value proposition to continue to eat here. I would of been just as satisfied to eat a customizable pizza at Pieology at a fraction of the cost. Again, the pizza tastes good, just not $18 good. If you want authentic Italian pizza, come to Hot Italian, but I doubt I will be coming back.

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