I Love Teriyaki – Elk Grove

8234 Laguna Blvd

Elk Grove, CA 95758

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located in a small shopping center in Laguna, I Love Teriyaki serves up popular teriyaki dishes in various forms. As you enter, you walk up to a counter to order from the posted menu or take-out menus. Plenty of seating and parking are available at this location. If you get hungry for dessert, there is a Leatherby’s in the same parking lot.

Today, we decided to order the honey chicken plate and the box B combo. The honey chicken tasted fresh, but you cannot really taste much of the honey on the meat. The meat also seems a bit harder than the regular chicken teriyaki in box B. The provided salads tasted OK, but there really was not much of any dressing in the regular salad. Box B was a great value because you also got 7 pieces of tempura, 2 gyoza, 4 pieces of California roll, and a soda. The chicken teriyaki in box B tasted extremely fresh and the extra teriyaki sauce went well on the meat and rice. The gyoza tasted fresh and delicious. The California rolls were fairly standard and fresh. The salads were not that appetizing. The tempura had a good variety and included two shrimp. The tempura was crispy and fresh.

Overall, I Love Teriyaki serves up the standard teriyaki fare just fine. If you are in the mood for teriyaki, you cannot really go wrong here, especially if you opt for the Box B combo. I just wish their chicken was more tender, which could be accomplished if they kept the meat thicker. If you finish your meal, you will definitely leave full here.

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