India Oven

3511 Truxel Rd
Ste 1
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

This was my first attempt at eating Indian food, so my tastes were not really accustomed to the flavors. With that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed their curry chicken and curry lamb! India Oven provided a lunch buffet or order from menu option. Today, the buffet seemed to be the right choice. With many dishes that continue to baffle me, certain tastes like their white rice, fried rice, and meat dishes really stood out. The tandori chicken reminded me of Chinese BBQ pork, but of course this tasted completely different. The chicken was really good, and had a nice red color to the outside of the meat. The naan was delicious. It went really well with the curries or alone. At the end, I also enjoyed the mango ice cream.

Overall, I found India Oven to live up to its praises. After this experience, I am ready to try some other Indian restaurants as well.

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