6021 Mack Rd

Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Having been to the Jollibee inside Seafood City Supermarket in the past, we noticed Jollibee construction in the parking lot a few months ago, and now the standalone fast food restaurant is  open! With plenty of staff working inside the modern designed restaurant, Jollibee serves up fried chicken and related dishes Filipino style. This location even has a drive thru. Service was great as we were greeted when we entered and were led to the available cashier. We were slightly overwhelmed by the menu since it had been a while since we ate here, but we ended up picking quickly.

Today, we ordered the 2 piece ChickenJoy with 2 sides of which we picked rice and french fries, the Ultimate Burger Steak with rice and fries, Spaghetti, and the Halo-Halo. Each piece of chicken had a seasoned crispy skin that was not overly salty nor greasy. The chicken itself was extremely juicy and seasoned through the meat. Fried chicken just goes so much better with rice and french fries. The Ultimate Burger steak came with their signature gravy over a bed of fries with a side of rice. There was also a fresh over-hard egg included that made the meal complete especially when dipped into the gravy. The gravy was full of body and pairs well with the meat and rice. Mushrooms lined the top of the steak and were cooked soft and tender. The meat was fairly standard, but just tasted right smothered with gravy with the rice. I am not a big fan of the Spaghetti since this Filipino version is very sweet with chunks of hot dog inside. I did finish the spaghetti, but the sweetness really got to me. I am not a fan of their Halo-Halo due to the various beans inside. I never tried it before, but I don’t think I would get it again. The ice cream on top did taste good, but I could not say what the actual Asian fruit flavors were.

Overall, Jollibee serves up delicious Filipino fried chicken with great tasting gravy and other dishes. I did not try their actual burgers, but their burger steak did taste good. Service and cleanliness were excellent at this location. Prices were moderate but did match in value to the food received. If you never tried Jollibee before, you definitely should. I would say that I would rather eat Jollibee chicken instead of KFC or Church’s.

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