Ju Hachi

1730 S St

Sacramento, CA 95811

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located on a quiet corner in midtown, Ju Hachi serves up Japanese cuisine in a friendly neighborhood manner. Without time to eat, I ordered take-out.

Today, I ordered a lunch special that included miso soup, salad, rice, BBQ Salmon, and teriyaki chicken. I also ordered the California Roll and Tempura Roll. The highlight of the meal was the BBQ salmon! The sauce was delicious on the salmon which was cooked perfectly. The teriyaki chicken was tender, but had a very strong grilled taste. The house teriyaki sauce went well with the chicken. The miso soup was delicious and went well with the salad. The California roll was really good, although I wish that the cucumber was not sliced so thin. The tempura roll was tasty, but I wished the shrimp shell was peeled back more.

Overall, the food at Ju Hachi was tasty. If you get a chance to come by, try out their BBQ Salmon. Their prices are fair, and the menu selection is formidable. The staff was friendly and welcoming. Again, you must order the BBQ Salmon!


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  1. Jimmy Tan

  2. Can you review the Cafe? lol

  3. I think I’ve moved on Jovis

  4. But when Sean Evans-Timoteo was there the Quesadillas were really good.

  5. I actually had the Quesedilla at the cafe. It was actually flavorful, but greasy.

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