Kara’s Cupcakes – Monterey

1240 Del Monte Ctr

Monterey, CA 93940

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located inside Del Monte Center at Monterey, Kara’s Cupcakes looked very inviting from the outdoor mall due to its simplicity and display case. As we entered, we noticed that these were not going to be cheap supermarket cupcakes. As we looked through the pricey selection, we received prompt service if we had any questions or if we were ready. There is some seating inside the store on bar-stools.

Today, we ordered the s’mores and chocolate velvet cupcakes. Both cupcakes looked really appealing from the outside. The s’mores cupcake had an interesting marshmallow frosting that went well with the rest of the cupcake. The chocolate velvet cupcake was extremely chocolatey and tasty.

With that said, I still did not feel the taste was worth the price for standard-sized cupcakes. Other than the looks, I felt the flavor was nothing special. If you are in the area and wanted a cupcake, then you will get a good tasting expensive cupcake. However, I would feel that my money would be better spent at Coldstone at the other end of the plaza.

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