Kico’s Mexican Food

2324 Arden Way

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Located across from Leatherby’s in Arden, Kico’s Mexican Food serves up a variety of Mexican meals in a hole-in-the-wall location. Upon entering, I noticed dated carpet and decor. Our server seemed a bit confused about our group and was slow to get our drink orders correct. Eventually, things were straightened out and our food orders were cooking.

Today, I ordered the Carnitas plate. The complimentary tortilla chips were very fresh and the provided salsa was fresh and had a lot of heat. Eventually, we were also provided with a warm bean dip that tasted good too. After eating almost the entire chip tray, the food finally came. The carnitas came with the usual Mexican rice, beans, pico, and vegetables. There wasn’t really much to say about the plain vegetables and beans as they lacked much significance. The rice was pretty bland as well. The meal also came with warm tortillas served on the side in a tortilla tray. The carnitas themselves were not really tender and did not have much flavor braised into them at all. When the meat, guacamole, beans, and rice were placed into the tortilla, there was a bit more flavor, but still tasted bland.

Overall, Kico’s serves up great chips and salsa, but I was disappointed in the service and in the Carnitas. I have tasted much better tasting Carnitas at Vallejo’s and at La Esperanza. Considering the vast availability of Mexican food in Sacramento, I would not recommend coming to Kico’s and suggest looking elsewhere instead.

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