Kokio Chicken – Hawaiian Gardens CA

12569 E Carson St

Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

With multiple locations around the Los Angeles area, Kokio chicken serves up popular Korean fried chicken to the masses. We decided to order takeout through Yelp, but later found out that the menu prices on Yelp are higher than if you just called in the order from the restaurant, so keep that in mind. After reviewing the menu on Yelp, we decided on what to order.

Today, we ordered the half and half, which includes the original fried chicken and a choice a flavored chicken of which we chose the honey bee flavor and we also ordered the spicy rice cake. When I arrived for pickup early, they confirmed that the order would take a few more minutes and offered me to sit down to wait. The servers were very nice during this process. Not too long after, the food was ready, and I was on my way. Upon opening the to-go boxes, we were greeted with a large box of chicken and a bowl of spicy rice cake. The original fried chicken was very crispy as expected, and each bite was juicy. However, there were many pieces of chicken that seemed like they were cut off funny. From eating a few pieces of chicken, it seems that Kokio cuts up whole chickens, which is nice since the chicken is fresher, but this makes the pieces harder to eat. The honey bee flavored chicken was very flavorful and contained the same cuts of chicken, but with the added tasty glaze. The spicy rice cakes were cooked perfectly and had just the right amount of chew. The spiciness was on point and came with an adequate amount of fish cake. The egg was also tasty and went well when dipped in the spicy sauce.

Overall, Kokio serves up some juicy crispy chicken, but the cuts can be a bit odd. The spicy rice cake is definitely worth ordering. This particular location also works with multiple food delivery vendors, so although the restaurant may not seem busy, they may have a lot of delivery orders. Prices are fairly reasonable if you order directly from the restaurant. If you are in the mood for Korean fried chicken, then Kokio would not be a bad choice.

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