Koreana Plaza International Food Court

10971 Olson Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located inside the Koreana Plaza International Marketplace in Rancho Cordova, the International Food Court sits inside the 2nd entrance just outside the cash registers of the supermarket. A variety of food options are available ranging from Russian, to Chinese, to Vietnamese, and to Korean. Today, we decided to order from the Korean section since that was the most fitting for the plaza.

Today, we ordered the Bibimbab with beef, Korean BBQ Bento Box with pork, Korean BBQ Bento Box with beef, and jajanmyun. When ordering, you place your order, pay, and they provide you with a buzzer to bring back to your table of choice. The food was ready in waves so we were buzzed multiple times as the food was ready. The bibimbab with beef tasted very good and included many types of vegetables. We had to ask for multiple sauce containers in order to properly season the dish. Both Korean bento boxes tasted really good with fresh meat and some side dishes. The provided japchae tasted fresh and went well with the meal. The jajanmyun also tasted very good and was not that oily. There was not too much onions and there was an adequate amount of meat.

Overall, the Korean food options were delicious and were very tasty considering it was fast food. Prices were very affordable and the soda was cheap. The service staff were friendly when ordering. If you want a quick but fulfilling bite, then the Koreana food court will be a great choice for you, especially after doing all that shopping inside the supermarket.

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