Lemongrass – Las Vegas, NV

3730 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located inside ARIA Resort & Casino, Lemongrass claims to serve authentic Thai cuisine to those visiting the resort. Prior to actually coming to the restaurant, we reviewed the menu and were surprised to find dim sum on the menu for a Thai restaurant. When we approached the main desk, the hostess was not there. We had to wait for a couple of minutes before the hostess came and sat us at an available table. We were provided with menus, and our server came by to take our drink order. The restaurant ambiance is quite fancy and dim, and that is reflected in the menu prices. After reviewing the menu some more, we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to order the phad Thai with chicken, red curry with beef, and a side of steamed rice. We attempted to order dim sum, but the server actually said that the dim sum is pushed in a cart that will be brought around shortly. Not too long after ordering, another server pushed the expensive dim sum cart to our table, and we decided to order the har gow, sui mai, and sticky rice wrap. Both the har gow and sui mai actually come with three pieces instead of the traditional four in each order. The har gow actually contained a very large dense chunk of delicious shrimp and the wrapper was not too thick. The sui mai was quite meaty and savory and had more flavor than most dim sum restaurants. The sticky rice wrap actually contained quite a few different toppings including tender meats and even shrimp, which was quite tasty. Not long after finishing the dim sum, our entrees arrived. The red curry with beef came with a decent amount of beef, but the rice was not included. The curry was ordered hot, and they did not disappoint. The spiciness was perfect and went well with the rice and beef. After digging around the curry bowl some more, we found that there could have been more beef inside, but the beef itself was very good and tender. The phad Thai was ordered without any veggies or peanuts because I was being picky. There was a good quantity of Chicken and egg with the noodles, but the sauce was a bit overly sweet.

Overall, Lemongrass serves up decent tasting food, but the authenticity of the Thai dishes were a bit borderline, and serving dim sum at all was odd since that is a Cantonese specialty. With that said, the expensive dim sum did taste quite good. The Thai dishes didn’t taste bad, but they could have tasted more authentic. Service was pretty good as the server did check on us often and the dim sum cart came around more than once. The value for any of the food was not really there, but that is expected when you dine at the resort. If you have some resort credit or comps, then Lemongrass would be a nice restaurant experience, but I would not want to pay full price for a meal here.

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