Lincoln Plaza Cafe – Part 2

Lincoln Plaza North Building
400 P Street  Suite 1204
Sacramento  CA  95814

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

On this trip to CalPERS, I decided to try out their famed Biscuits and Gravy that they serve up for breakfast every Thursday morning. The staff behind the counter were nice and smiled while preparing my globs of heart attack. I also noticed that there was a nice new batch of biscuits that were just dumped into the prep tray. I ordered the combo which also included eggs and sausage. The eggs were sub-par since the texture and color suggested they came out of a carton. The sausage tasted standard, but were a bit on the dry side. As for the biscuits, they went perfectly with the light country gravy. I was expecting the gravy to have more body and flavor, but they gravy still went well with the biscuits. Overall, the meal came in at a great value, but the quality of the eggs and lack of flavor in the gravy did hinder the rating. However, I would definitely eat this again due to the freshness and price point of the meal, except I would probably skip the eggs.

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