Lincoln Plaza Cafe

Lincoln Plaza North Building
400 P Street  Suite 1204
Sacramento  CA  95814

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located inside CALPERS in the Lincoln Plaza North Building, the Lincoln Plaza Cafe serves up a variety of cuisines in addition to a rotating menu. Various food stations and a salad bar are available. You would visit each station for the food you want and then bring them to the cashiers to pay. The cafeteria room offers ample seating and the atrium has additional seating.
Today, we ordered the 3 piece fish and chips. The 3 pieces of fish were good-sized, but the breading was soggy. The fish did taste good with the tartar sauce though. There was an ample amount of fries, but they also tasted a bit old. The coleslaw was flavorless and did not have much dressing.
Overall, this particular meal did not go over so well, but I would give them another chance on other menu items. Prices are slightly high, but not by much. If you don’t know what you want to eat, a trip around the stations may provide some inspiration. If you are in the area, give this cafe a try.

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