Mel’s Diner

3000 J St
Sacramento, CA 95816

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Mel’s Diner has opened a new location in midtown Sacramento off of J Street and the freeway. The restaurant has been completely remodeled. Parking is ample and available. Upon entering the restaurant, we were seated quickly and drinks were provided.

Today we ordered a strawberry milkshake, zesty chicken wings, and the bacon cheddar Melburger with additional patty. The strawberry milkshake was delicious and the extra even came in the classic metal cup! The wings were breaded well and had a nice kick, which went well with the ranch. The bacon cheddar Melburger was steaming hot and extremely juicy. The fries that came with the burger were OK, but was nothing special.

Overall, this Mel’s Diner provided a tasty dinner, especially in the strawberry milkshake. Since this location is open 24 hours, it definitely competes with Denny’s and IHOP. Compared to the competition, the food at Mel’s does tend to be pricier. From at least the dishes I tried, Mel’s Diner is definitely worth trying.


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  1. Great, now you gave me and Nicole another place to pig out at.

  2. Great, now you gave me and Nicole another place to pig out at.

  3. and another one

  4. and another one

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