2028 H St

Sacramento, CA 95811

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Around the corner of 21st Street on H Street in Midtown and behind two red doors, Moxie serves up a variety American fare not even listed on the menu. As we entered the restaurant, we were quickly greeted by the vibrant owner and brought to our table. A small menu was provided and drinks offered. The restaurant is well decorated with its red walls and low lighting that progressively dimmed as the night went by. After a couple minutes of reviewing the menu, the owner came by to discuss the meal and offer various specials not listed on the menu. He eloquently described each dish with enthusiasm and the variety of items spanned the various meat types and preparations.

Today, after listening to the specials, we decided to order the crab cake appetizer, rib eye steak, sea bass, and the caramel pecan cheesecake. The low light proved a challenge to properly display the food in the photos, but each dish was presented in classy fashion. After ordering, we were provided with complementary fresh warm sourdough bread with a side of softened butter. Each piece had a crunchy crust and soft center. The bread tasted delicious and quickly set a great tone for the meal. The two crab cakes then arrived and appeared fairly large with grill marks across the top. Two sauces sit next to the cakes atop some olive oil. Each crab cake consisted of large amounts of fresh crab and breadcrumbs. Each bite tasted delicious and savory. There was a tartar-flavored cream sauce on top of both cakes, which was extremely delicious with each bite. On the side, there was an orange sauce available, which is similar to the sweet special sauces in sushi restaurants, but a bit spicier. The crab cakes tasted great on their own and with the tartar-cream sauce. Having finished the first basket of bread, the server quickly offered a refill for additional fresh bread.

Soon, both of our entrees arrived. The large rib eye looked to be at least 16 ounces with a hearty sauce, mushrooms, and blue cheese on top. A side of beets, summer squash, carrot, and beans finished off the plate. A side of horseradish mashed potatoes accompanied the dish since there was no more room on the plate. The rib eye was cooked medium-well as requested while still tasting juicy and fresh. The sauce did taste a bit bitter, but that could have possibly come from a red wine reduction. Each piece of beef tasted delicious after getting used to the sauce. The vegetables were all cooked properly and looked very fresh. The horseradish mashed potatoes did taste quite different since we have not had horseradish in my mashed potatoes before. There was a large chip sticking out of the mashed potatoes, which acted as a great looking edible garnish. Next, the sea bass came with a deep orange sauce with the same sides of vegetables and mashed potatoes provided with the rib eye. Each bite of the fresh sea bass tasted juicy and soft, cooked perfectly and not dry at all. The orange sauce was different, and I could not pinpoint the type of sauce used. I would have preferred the fish without the sauce or with a different simple glaze, but the existing sauce did not take away from the fresh fish flavor. After we finished our entrees, the owner came back to check on us and to see if we wanted dessert. We allowed him to vocalize us the specials for desserts, just as he did the rest of the meal. In addition to the two items listed on the paper menu, the owner also listed another ten or so items to finish off the meal. After listening to the menu items, we decided to try out the caramel pecan cheesecake. The cheesecake arrived with a large sugar-art heart atop a slice of twice-sliced cheesecake with a garnish of creme and caramel. Each bite tasted rich from the decadent cheesecake and sweet fresh caramel. There was just enough crust to hold up the fresh cheesecake. Once the check arrived, the owner also brought along a shot of drinkable rich chocolate to complete the meal.

Overall, Moxie served up some fresh delicious cuisine in a very friendly environment. The specials really span the palette where you will definitely find something you will like. The owner is very charismatic and adds some fun to the meal. The server is on point and professional at all times. Even with the slightly different flavors we were not used to, we definitely enjoyed the experience here at Moxie from the service to the food. If you have never tried Moxie before, then you definitely need to give it a try some time.

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