New Hong Kong Wok

5019 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95822

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

The food is decent, but service is HORRIBLE! When I go to a Chinese restaurant, I don’t usually expect much for service, but I have standards. First, an available table was not provided even though an open table was available in the back. Second, the manager guy seemed to focus more about what was on TV instead of the customers. Also, the prices were quite high considering the lack of service.

Today we ordered the soup of the day, cooked meats platter, pork chops with honey sauce, braised cod clay pot, cod filet over greens, BBQ pork pan fried noodles, honey walnut shrimp, and mushroom beef. The cooked meats platter included fatty roast pork and queen;s chicken. The roast pork was tasty. The pork chops with honey sauce was overly salty and lacked much honey flavor. The braised cod clay pot was OK, but there was not much flavor at all in the dish. The cod filet over greens was delicious and light. The BBQ pork pan fried noodles were a disappointment because the BBQ pork seemed really old and hard. The noodles themselves were tasty though. The honey walnut shrimp was really good, but portion size was lacking. The mushroom beef was tasty, but again on the salty side.

Overall, the food was disappointing and the service lacking. The worst offender had to be the male manager because he seemed so stuck up he did not know how to take care of customers. I ended up waving the rice container rice spoon in order to get his attention, but he did not seem happy to come over, still focused on the TV. I do NOT recommend coming here unless its a last resort.


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  1. you have a website? must check this out!

  2. Yup

  3. Tina, I think I am up to 57 food reviews.

  4. yeah, i seen a few. do you get paid from advertisers? if so, is it based on how many viewers you get?

  5. It’s based on views and clicks. I barely get any anyways.

  6. oops, i deleted it.

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