No.1 Buffet

7090 Stockton Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

The No.1 Buffet has been in Sacramento for many years now, and I have not been back to the establishment for a few years already. I hesitated to come back because I got food poisoning last time. There is a huge selection of food at this buffet. I would say this buffet has one of the largest selections of food out of many buffets. In addition to the ready to serve food that includes Chinese food, sushi, and dessert, there is a noodle station and Korean BBQ station where people prepare food for you.

Today, I just grabbed a variety of different types of food. The skewered chicken was very dry. The sui mai tasted OK. Overall, the food tasted mediocre. The good news is that I did not get sick this time. With that said, if you wanted to eat a large variety of different types of food, then No.1 Buffet would be a good choice, but I would not come here for great tasting food. I probably won’t come back unless I had a really good reason.

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