OBO’ Italian Table & Bar

3145 Folsom Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95816

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

A new eatery from the Selland family of Sacramento appeared in East Sacramento called OBO’ Italian Table and Bar. As you enter the restaurant, you have the option to purchase deli items from the case, order dessert, order drinks, or order food. Various staff wait in the menu board area waiting to take food orders. We reviewed the menu on the wall and on paper before approaching the staff to place our order.

Today, we decided to order the salumi pizza, tagliatelle poached egg pasta, and espresso tiramisu. After placing our order, we were given a number to take to the cashier to pay. We requested for a rosemary lemonade and the espresso tiramisu at the register. After paying, we were given the lemonade and tiramisu and the number card with a stand to take to your own table. The restaurant was quite packed, so we ended up sitting outside at an available table. While waiting for our food, we decided to eat dessert first. The espresso tiramisu was amazing. Layers of light sweetness with creamy coffee taste and pieces of bread went together perfectly. The small jar holding the delicious dessert was quite creative and served as the perfect vessel for the tiramisu. Soon, our pasta and pizza arrived. The fresh pasta came in a small dish with extremely thinly sliced crispy prosciutto and poached egg. The pasta tasted fresh and light. The prosciutto tasted good, but we wished there was more of it in the dish. The poached egg went well with the pasta by providing a different form of texture, but the dish as a whole tasted quite bland even with the lemon butter. The salumi pizza had ample amounts of ham and salami, but I feel the tapenade threw off the flavor of the pizza. The bottom of the crust was burnt in several places, and caused a few areas of the pizza to taste quite charred. The rosemary lemonade was extremely sour and reduced the flavor of the rosemary.

Overall, Obo serves up some reasonably priced Italian food, but we must have ordered dishes that were less appetizing for our palates. Service was quite good from ordering, to paying, to receiving our food. Since there were quite a few other things we wanted to try on the menu and having tasted some delicious dessert, we do plan on revisiting Obo in the future. If you like Italian food, then you should give Obo a try.

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