Pho Kinh Do – Las Vegas

4300 Spring Mountain Road #101

Las Vegas, NV 89102

Rating: ★★★★½ 

If you are craving for Pho in Las Vegas, you will most likely be dragged out to Chinatown off of Spring Mountain Road. The road is reminiscent of Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento because you will find at least one Pho restaurant at every shopping center.

After seeking for help on Yelp and Google, we ended up at Pho Kinh Do. We ordered egg rolls, rare beef stake Pho, chicken Pho, and a Thai Tea. The egg rolls do look quite a bit different from other egg rolls ordered before, but they did taste good. The beef Pho had some really tender beef. We did not want onions in our soup, so the bowl will look a bit empty. Pho Kinh Do only offers one size bowl, but the portion size is fulfilling. The broth is flavorful and clear, but does not stack up to Pho Nam from Milpitas. The chicken Pho was good and the portion size was just right. The chicken was tender and was all white meat. The Thai tea was a bit on the sweet side, but still tasted good.

Overall, Pho Kinh Do offers delicious Pho along with good service. There is a decent array of food options available. I suggest that you make it to Pho Kinh Do if you get the Pho craving after a long night at the strip.

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