Red Robin – Part 2

8245 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Honestly, I was about to leave a review to tell everyone never to come eat here ever again. Today, we received the worst possible customer service ever in a restaurant. We walked into the not-so-busy Elk Grove restaurant and were greeted with a smile by the hostess. Then, we were brought to a table against a wall, away from other tables. At this point, I will copy and paste the complaint I sent to Red Robin Corporate:

The server, Junemarie, approached our table with a frown and attitude. After taking our drink orders, she left us alone for a while. During this time, she served food to a few other tables. Upon returning with the drinks, she slammed each glass onto the table. When she walked away, we realized that one of the water cups were dirty and 3 out of the 4 utensil sets were wet. We flagged her down when we saw her again to have the water replaced. She was not happy about this notification, and then I also requested for straws for the waters. She left with the dirty cup, but never returned. She continued to serve food to the other tables in a happy cheerful manner. She must have waited at over 5 tables over a period of 15 minutes without ever coming back to our table with a replacement water, straws, or even taking our order that we have been ready with over the first 6 minutes. Due to the long wait and lack of ordering, we contemplated leaving the restaurant entirely. We decided to speak to the manager on duty. I left the table and went to another server to speak with the manager on duty. A couple minutes later, Trisha greeted me as I went ahead and explained the issues we had with the server. As I was explaining the situation, my cell phone rang with a call from someone from my party at the table.  She explained that Junemarie finally came with the cup of water and then forcefully jammed straws into the water cups and then walked off. At that time, the rest of my table joined me as we told the manager that we were planning to leave due to the poor service. Trisha apologized for the poor service received and offered to make things right. She offered to set us up with a new server and provide the meal on the house. We hesitantly agreed, and we got set up with a new server named Ashley C. I was provided with another survey in which I will rate the rest of the service. However, I will mention that at the end of the service, Junemarie came by the table acting all nice, pretending to offer refills on fries when she wasn’t even our server anymore.

Now, here is why Red Robin received a 4/5 instead of a 0/5:

After the manager Tricia appointed us with Ashley, we were promptly seated in the outside patio, away from Junemarie. We received superior service from Ashley, which makes a lot of sense since she is a trainer for servers.

Today, we ordered the Burning Love burger and the Guacamole Bacon burger. The burning love burger sits on a jalapeno cornbread bun, housing a large beef patty, fried jalapeno slices, lettuce, and sauce. The burger was juicy and delicious. We also substituted the regular steak fries with garlic steak fries. The fries were equally delicious. The Guacamole burger was juicy and full of flavor. To compliment the burgers, I ordered another freckled lemonade. The drink is always delicious, and should always be ordered.

Overall, stay away from Red Robin if you are being served by Junemarie. Otherwise, you will love the food here! The burgers are huge, and the fries are infinite. I was surprised by the great serviced provided by Trisha and Ashley C.

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