RoundTable Buffet – Excalibur – Las Vegas

3850 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located inside the Excalibur Casino, the RoundTable buffet provides a family dining experience at a decent price. Luckily, we had free buffet passes from MyVegas on Facebook. The buffet was quite empty, even on a Friday evening. In the center of the buffet, one of two separate buffet lines are open filled with various food items that reminded me of Hometown buffet. The back of the buffet has more food items including a small carving station and Chinese food. Beverages are included and are self serve.

Today, I grabbed food that included salad, lasagna, chicken noodle soup, baked sole, Mongolian beef, orange chicken, baked chicken, fried rice, sushi, and soft serve ice cream. Overall, the food tasted really cheap and not really fresh. The food was edible, but not really tasty. We did receive good service from the staff and the food seemed to get refilled when needed, but the quality is a bit lacking.

Overall, the buffet at Excalibur is OK if you can go for free; however, I would never spend $19.99 per person to eat the food served there. The food is not really creative except for the baked sole and pasta dishes. If you are really hungry and can eat anything, you might think the buffet here is OK.


  1. it would be cool if they had knight jousting while you ate

  2. They have it here:

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