Sabrosada Fresh Mexican Food – Wesminster, CA

15681 Brookhurst St

Westminster, CA 92683

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Unfortunately, the Sabrosada location down the street from the hotel closed for the night in Anaheim, so we decided to go to their next best location in Westminster. Having never visited Sabrosada before, we were unsure of the portion sizes of the items. After reviewing the menu online, we headed to the drive thru and made our order.

Today, we decided to order the carne asada nachos, California burrito, carne asada taco, and carnitas taco. The carne asada nachos were delicious and came with plenty of beef and toppings. Each bite tasted fresh and delicious. The California burrito also came with a lot of beef, but did taste a bit bland. I found myself adding a lot of hot sauce to add flavor. Both tacos were huge, but very messy. I liked how both tacos came with guacamole, which explains the higher cost. The tacos also needed more flavor, so plenty of hot sauce was utilized. I was quite surprised with the amount of carnitas in the taco as I found myself eating the carnitas itself as it was quite juicy and tender.

Overall, Sabrosada serves up tasty Mexican food at a great value, but some of the flavors were a bit lacking. I would advise against the California burrito and opt for carne asada fries in its place. The drive thru location in Westminster was convenient, but the walk-in location in Anaheim would be a much closer location. If you are craving some Mexican food and cannot decide between large chain fast food and independent local restaurants, then Sabrosada would be a happy medium.

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