Sea Pal Cove – Fort Bragg

32390 N Harbor Dr

Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Located in the Noyo Harbor area of Fort Bragg, Sea Pal Cove serves up delicious fresh fried seafood to the masses. As you approach the small restaurant, you will see plenty of outdoor seating near the river. On this takeout visit to the restaurant, we found them to be extremely busy. After a brief review of the menu while waiting in line, we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to try the clam chowder, fish & chips, and prawns & chips. The clam chowder was nice and thick containing plenty of clams inside. Their recipe is different because it includes celery, onion, and herbs, which made the soup have many green accents. The flavor was pretty good, but I was expecting it to be richer. The fish & chips came fried to perfection. The breading was not too thick and maintained its crispiness. The highlight was their house-made tartar sauce that was filled with rich herbal flavors that paired perfectly with the fresh fish. The prawns were humongous and had the same light breading as the fish. The same amazing tartar sauce went perfectly with the gigantic prawns as well. The fries from both dishes tasted OK, but they were nothing special.

Overall, the food quality is pretty majestic at Sea Pal Cove, especially the fried seafood and tartar sauce. If you are visiting Fort Bragg, you must give this place a try. We did go during the dinner rush, so our takeout order did take over 30-40 minutes before it was ready, which was a bit unbearable in the cold, rainy weather. Prices here are decent for the type of food received. Regardless, the food speaks for itself here, so you must give them a try.

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