Shabuya – La Mirada, CA

15028 Rosecrans Ave

La Mirada, CA 90638

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Located not too far from Anaheim, Shabuya serves up all-you-can-eat Japanese hot pot at great prices. On this late visit, we qualified for their $21.99 happy hour special. We had a full dinner menu available with 9 types of meat as well has a cool bar stocked with more seafood, noodles, and veggies. They offered various types of soup base, but we opted for the pork broth and miso broth. Shabuya is great because each person gets their own soup instead of having a communal soup pot. The pork broth did taste more heartier than the miso, but both were tasty. Also at the bar, a large sauce station lines both ends with various condiments. Service was on point from being seated to the constant requests for refills. Each refill was quickly executed and continued throughout the meal. Having tried most of the meat items, we decided that the tastiest pieces of meat were beef cuts of Wagyu chuck and Shabuya rib eye. Each piece cooked very quickly in the hot broth and tasted delicious when based in the spicy ponzu sauce. After many orders of meat, cooking ramen in the soup soaked in all the meaty flavors of the beef. Overall, Shabuya serves up delicious Japanese hot pot at excellent prices, especially during happy hour. If you are in the mood for hot pot and you are in Southern California, you must give one of Shabuya’s locations a try.

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