Spahr’s Cafe

450 N St

Sacramento, CA 95614

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

I did not expect a café at the bottom of this office building. Spahr’s Café serves up a variety of items from fries to burgers to sandwiches. Today, I decided to give it a try, so I went ahead and ordered the chili cheese fries. The food was cooked to order, so you can watch them cook while you wait. I received a decent sized container with a good amount of food packed inside. The chili tasted pretty good, and you can see the bits of meat mixed with the beans. There was a good amount of cheese in the meal as well. Overall, the flavor was OK, but I felt that the chili could have been seasoned more. I would also prefer that there were less beans in the chili. This café would be a good place to get food if there was nowhere else to go. I do have to say that they have good customer service.

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