Sushi Hook – Part 2

807 Howe Ave

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

On this follow-up visit to Sushi Hook, my intentions were to try out more of the menu and monitor the quality of service received with just the two of us. The restaurant was busy, but we had no trouble getting a table near the bar. We were able to review the menu provided by the hostess prior to the server arriving for our drink orders. Once the server arrived, we were able to place our drink order and dinner order.

Today, we decided to order the dinner bento with tonkatsu, tempura, and salmon teriyaki as well as two rolls: Crack Cocaine and Magic Mountain. The bento came filled with a basic side salad that I did not really eat. The tempura consisted of a variety of vegetables and one shrimp tempura. The tempura tasted fresh and went well with the tempura sauce. The salmon teriyaki tasted delicious like last time, but the glaze was saltier than last time. The tonkatsu was quite dry and hard to chew, which was quite disappointing. The provided sauce was also very strong and overpowering. There was also a ball with mushroom and crab, but I did not like the flavor. The crack cocaine roll is actually not on the menu, but can be ordered any time. The crack cocaine comes with shrimp tempura (I think?), cream cheese, cucumber, crab meat, sauce, and crispy flakes. Each bite tasted delicious and no additional sauce was needed. The roll was quite large, so it may be hard to eat in one bite. The magic mountain roll came with shrimp tempura, cucumber, spicy crab meat, and avocado. The magic mountain was also flavorful with its unagi sauce and did not require any additional sauce. Both rolls were very satisfying and tasty.

Overall, sushi hook does serve up some good tasting sushi, but the bento box is a bit varied. Service was not any better than last time as refills were not really observed. Sushi prices are “50%” off, but the menu prices are quite inflated. The bento price is very acceptable for the amount of food received at $16. If I wanted to come again, I would probably stick with the sushi as it all tasted fresh. If you are in the Arden area and want to try something different from Arigatos and don’t mind paying a bit more, then give Sushi Hook a try.

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