Sushi Pier Tahoe – Stateline NV

177 US-50

Stateline, NV 89449

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Located right past the casinos of Stateline Nevada, Sushi Pier serves up a choice of all-you-can-eat sushi or ordering straight from the menu. When our group arrived for dinner, the restaurant was fairly busy, and we had to wait to be seated in an area large enough for us. After 5-10 minutes, we were all seated at the bar. I liked how the restaurant accommodated us by having some patrons choose all-you-can-eat and others order straight from the menu. After reviewing the options, I opted for all-you-can-eat.

Sushi pier all-you-can-eat allows you to order any of the items from the menu unless otherwise specified. There were even certain desserts and appetizers that can be ordered. The Moondog Stars appetizer was crispy and came with decent amounts of seafood inside, but the fried wonton skin was very thick. The order of miso soup came piping hot, but it was not flavorful and tasted grainy.  The Komodo roll arrived first and looked quite appetizing with the avocado and tuna on top, and actually tasted pretty good when dipped into some soy-wasabi. The San Francisco roll tasted fairly bland, and the rice was pretty dense and mushy, but the tempura shrimp was cooked well. The Sushi Peir Long roll was not too big and had a good amount of crab and salmon inside. The roll was flavorful and tasty. The King Kong took a while to make since the roll was deep-fried, but the shrimp, crab, and cream cheese inside with the mushy rice was not very appetizing. For dessert, I ordered the Happy Ending, which was tempura banana with strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate, which made for a messy sweet finish that had quite the mushy texture.

Overall, Sushi Pier does serve up fresh rolls for their all-you-can-eat meal, but the quality and taste of the rolls are inconsistent. Many of the rolls contained rice that was just too mushy and was not appetizing. Service was excellent by sitting at the bar because you can just order the rolls directly from the chefs. Pricing is a bit high for the quality of rolls received. You generally break even by ordering anything past three rolls for all-you-can-eat. If you happen to be in the South Lake Tahoe area and are looking for sushi, you may just want to wait to go home for sushi unless you are OK with eating mediocre  expensive sushi from here.

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