Taqueria Rincon Alteño

4301 Truxel Rd
Ste D1
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

If you want real Mexican food, you go to a Taqueria. If you are in Natomas, then you are going to Taqueria Rincon Alteño. Located on a strip mall near Sleep Train Arena, Taqueria Rincon Alteño serves up a variety of authentic Mexican foods.

Today, I ordered three asada (steak) crispy tacos and one pollo (chicken) crispy taco. Normally, I order their tasty soft tacos, but today I decided to try something else. Every one of the crispy tacos were fried to perfection. The steak and chicken were both filled with flavor and tasted even better when you add in some hot red sauce. I also had this melon drink that tasted very good, but I do not know the name of it (It’s in the adjoining dispenser with the Horchata). I also indulged in the free tortilla chip bar, which is consistently refilled with fresh hot chips.

Overall, Taqueria Rincon Alteño serves up delicious Mexican food in Natomas. You will be sure to like their selection of Mexican food. I did find their food to be a bit greasy, but that grease sure tastes good. If you come with friends, you can just tag along and get a complimentary water and eat free tortilla chips, as long as your friends don’t get too embarrassed.

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