Teppan Edo – Orlando FL

1780 Avenue of the Stars

Orlando, FL 32830

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in the Japan pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, Teppan Edo serves up delicious meats over a teppanyaki grill cooking with flare and style. Having tried Benihana before, we had similar expectations for this lunch dining reservation. When we arrived to check in outside the building, we were provided with a buzzer and were directed to head upstairs to the actual restaurant. After a brief wait, we were quickly seated at the shared grill and provided with menus. We were the last couple to be seated, but luckily we knew what we wanted to order.

Today, we decided to order the asakusa combination of steak & shrimp and the NY cut steak. Each entree also came with salad, dipping sauces, noodles, and rice. The cooking show was fairly tame without too many flashy moves. He only tossed one shrimp tail into his hat and pushed around a steaming onion volcano. The actual shrimp and steak did tasted delicious and tender. Both sauces went well with both meats. One sauce was more mayonnaise based and the other was more savory. The NY cut steak was the same as the steak in the combination. In the future, I would suggest just ordering the combinations as you get a whole lot more meat for just a few dollars more. The chef did ask the customers for how they wanted their beef cooked, and he was on point for cooking the beef to medium.

Overall, Teppan Edo serves up tasty teppanyaki-style food with a decent show, but prices are high (of course) and the show pales in comparison to Benihana. If you are craving some delicious Asian food in Epcot, then you really cannot go wrong with Teppan Edo. As long as you are OK with sitting in a communal grill and don’t mind watching your food get cooked, the experience can be quite entertaining.

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