Teriyaki Time

4730 Natomas Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95835

Rating: ★★★★★ 

You can never go wrong with ordering teriyaki from teriyaki time! If you are in Natomas and want teriyaki, then you must head up to the Raley’s shopping center on Natomas Blvd and Del Paso Blvd. Teriyaki Time has been serving up many variations of teriyaki over for many years. I find their portion sizes to adequate, and their teriyaki sauce to be mild but perfect.

Today I ordered a standard chicken teriyaki plate. My favorite dish is actually the honey spicy chicken. Today’s dish comes with a heaping portion of rice, standard salad, and sprout salad. After having the dish delivered to the table, I usually add on more teriyaki sauce for additional coating on the rice. Each table has its own bottle of teriyaki sauce. The chicken is cooked perfectly, tender and juicy. The Salads are light and complement the meat well.

Overall, I really like the teriyaki they serve here. I have never had a bad experience with Teriyaki Time over the past 5 years I have been visiting. Tasty teriyaki awaits at Teriyaki Time.

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