Thai Canteen

1501 16th Street #100

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

I was recommended by a coworker to try out Thai Canteen due to the delicious food that they served here. Upon entering the restaurant for lunch on the weekend, there were not a lot of seated tables. At this restaurant, you order off the large posted menu board at the staffed register.

Today, we decided to order the Kang Kari (yellow curry), Larb Gai (Chicken larb salad),  peak gai tod (fried chicken wings), and sticky rice. The yellow curry did taste very good and had quite a bit of yellow curry flavor, but it was on the overly sweet side. There was just enough curry to finish off the provided white rice. I usually find that more Americanized Thai restaurants tend to flavor their food on the sweeter side to appeal to more palettes, but the overly sweetness throws off the curry. The sticky rice came unappealingly wrapped in foil, but tasted OK. The fried chicken wings were very dry and did not have a lot of meat on them. The provided sauce did help moisten the wings a bit, but I was not a fan of the sweet flavor. The chicken larb came spiced as ordered as “hot”, but we found it weird how there were large pieces of lemongrass in the dish, which was not found at other Thai restaurants. There were also a lot of onions in the dish.

Overall, Thai Canteen serves up acceptable Thai dishes catered towards a more Americanized palette. If you wanted more authentic Thai food, you will have to look elsewhere like at Siam Restaurant. Service and appearance of the restaurant was good, and I was able to score a free Thai tea by liking their Facebook page. It is nice how they open late, but I wished they served up better food. Unfortunately, you will not have much luck finding great tasting authentic Asian food on the grid in Sacramento.

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